deck of cards #6

We are back with this. As some of you may remember 'deck of cards' is the name of the monthly playlist brought to you carefully curated by our people at One Step Forward featuring gems from Portuguese artists.

From now on, 'deck of cards' will be a platform that we will use to broadcast and share with the world the huge variety of talent we have in our country regarding the music industry. One thing is certain: every track that you will listen have some Portuguese work on it. It can be the full track, the chorus, the production, a remix. 

This month's playlist features Rkeat, Sippinpurpp, Pedro Mafama, SREYA, Branko + PEDRO, Glocky (Lofty Boys), Foreign Heat, pretochines, BlaeckFull + xxoy, Ice Burz + Nedved and Oseias.



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