deck of cards #10

'deck of cards' is a platform that we use to broadcast and share with the world the huge variety of talent we have in our country regarding the music industry. One thing is certain: every track that you will listen have some Portuguese work on it. It can be the full track, the chorus, the production, a remix. ONE STEP FORWARD is the mindset. Follow our soundcloud for a monthly playlist full of gems.

In this one you can find: Playboi Zuka, Babyxdoll, LostNotFound x Hyzer, Palazzi, Manthinks, Frnkln, Oseias, Colombianacallmegringo, Kenny Berg, XXOY, Blaeckfull, Osémio Boémio e Xtinto.

deck of cards #10 is out. Fulfill yourself with Portuguese talent.